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Seafood recipe

We want you to have more deliciously simply because it is precious fresh seafood!

We introduce mainly on cooking recipes to be able to simplify at home, warming pan, soup of body.

As visitor who cannot readily come to Hokkaido can do shopping from homepage,
You all make, and, to see recipe that Hokkaido is felt at home, eat!

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[marine products]

King crab, hairy crab, queen crab, Hanasaki queen crab, raw sea urchin, Pandalus nipponensis, sweet shrimp, live abalone, live scallop, scallops, squid, truth dako foot, Aramaki salmon, time salmon, sockeye, salmon child, soaked in secret mountain, salmon roe soy marinated, salting lightly salmon roe, cod child, Mentaiko, salted salmon roe, salted herring roe, seasoning herring roe, tobi child, seasoning sea tangle with herring roe, Rishiri product kelp, Rausu product kelp, Hidaka product kelp, a lot of kelp artefacts, a lot of salmon artefacts, Okhotsk product kinki, herring, a lot of dried fish including Hidaka product Spirinchus, Ika-shiokara, a lot of artefacts including soaked in Matsumae

[farm products]

Yubari melon, Hokkaido melon, green asparagus, white asparagus, Hokkaido potato, Hokkaido corn

[Hokkaido famous confection, dairy product, livestock products, drink, folk crafts, others]

Shiroikoibito, Royce, raw chocolate, Hokkaido butter, Hokkaido cheese, Jingisukan, Sapporo ramen

Ishikari-nabe (miso style to lend)

Materials (for four people)

Raw salmon 200 g
Bony parts of salmon 150 g
Salt Teaspoon 1/2
Liquor Tablespoon 3
Potato Two average
Carrot Two average
Boil; bamboo grass bamboo shoot Six
Bracken Ten
Boil; giant butterbur Two
Long onion One
Broth Kelp 15cm, dried bonito 1 cup, water 5 and 1/2 cup
Miso It is 60 g 40
Board refuse It is 50 g 20
Sweet sake Teaspoon 2
Salt A little
Spice: Slicing of gangs Tang garashi chives

How to make

[1] Raw salmon and fault cut to large mouthful size, and can write salt as liquor
We get up for approximately 30 minutes.

[2] Potato barks, and rank water in 8 equal portions for approximately limit ten minutes
Pull, and perform lye;, as for the carrot, is small; chop into chunks.

[3] satakenoko cuts half of the length, bracken, giant butterbur to 4cm in length.

[4] We cut long onion to half of the length and cut to 4cm in length.

[5] We take soup stock in kelp and dried bonito of quantity.

[6] We pour [5] broth into pan and begin to boil from potato, carrot,
We can enter in order of salmon, bamboo grass bamboo shoot, bracken, giant butterbur next.

[7] You stock board refuse and miso which you tore off to container small, and take broth out of [6]
We pour little by little and stretch out and put in [6].
Furthermore, we add sweet sake and fix taste.


Taste is given and becomes well more delicious when we put bony parts of salmon.
It is art that can enter pan after bony parts of salmon sprinkling liquor, and taking straight smell.
There is method to sprinkle boiling water to take straight smell, but,
There is preliminary seasoning, and person waving liquor and salt becomes delicious.
We hang liquor and salt and, in the case of fault, get up for around one hour.
We take lye of pan diligently.

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Gun stew

Materials (for four people)

Crab (life of Hanasaki crab) One cup
Long onion One
WED 6 cups
Miso It is 90 g 80
Application: In substitution for long onion,
You may use chives.

How to make

[1] Crab takes off foot and shell and puts Kirikomi to be easy to eat.

[2] Long onion makes slicing.

[3] To place where we poured water of quantity into pan and boiled on fire
We dissolve miso and can enter.
You let you put crab in that, and person comes to the boil and do, and speak long onion which did for slicing
We stop fire and serve.


It is official that gun stew uses Hanasaki crab, but is hairy crab and king crab, but
We can have deliciously.
From thing that we boiled crab as we had with taste of crab without taking soup stock particularly
Gun juice that life is more delicious is completed.
It is art to finish deliciously not to overcook crab after putting in the pan.

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Prawn hotpot

Materials (for four people)

Prawns 20 of them
Chinese cabbage Three pieces
Bean sprout 100 g
Straight shiitake Eight pieces
shirataki 1 ball
Tofu not to be able to rub 1/3 cho
enokitake One bundle
Spring onion 1/2 ha
Broth Kelp 20cm, 20 g of dried boiled fish, water 4 and 1/2 cup of small sardine
Soy sauce Tablespoon 1
Liquor Tablespoon 1
Salt Teaspoon a little over one
Pepper A little
Spice: Expose; green onion

How to make

[1] As for the dried boiled fish, water be accompanied by 30 with kelp of quantity except head and stomach innards for 40 minutes,
We take soup stock on fire.

[2] We wash prawns in salty water.

[3] Chinese cabbage divides into leaf and stem and cuts to 5cm in length.

[4] We cut bean sprout to 5cm in length and we boil bottom toward the bean and do.

[5] Straight shiitake makes decorative cut in cross except butt end.

[6] We make shiratakiha, length that we untie and cut in 3 equal portions and are easy to eat,
We blanch quickly.
We cut tofu not to be able to rub to guy (yakko).

[7] We wash except enokitakeha, butt end and cut spring onion to 5cm in length.

[8] [1] We add soy sauce, liquor, salt, pepper of quantity to nodashi stew and fix taste,
We can enter from bad thing of street of fire sequentially, and stew will have.


When kelp and dried boiled fish spend time and take soup stock slowly and carefully, depth goes for taste.
Prawn hotpot that one that we added to water overnight is more delicious if possible
It is completed.

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We like crab

Materials (for four people)

Foot (thing which we boiled) of crab For two cups
Chinese cabbage Three pieces
Japanese radish 5cm
Velvet shank Two bundles
Tofu not to be able to rub Two orders
Honewort One bundle
Broth Kelp 20cm, dried bonito 1 cup, water 6 and 1/2 cup
Soy sauce It is 3 tablespoon 2
Sweet sake Tablespoon 1 and 1/2
Liquor Tablespoon 2
Salt A little
Spice: Japanese pepper, maple lowering, shichimi Tang garashi
Application: In substitution for velvet shank champignon,
As for using straight shiitake, Grifola frondosa
It will be good.

How to make

[1] Foot of crab puts kitchen knife to joint and cuts and cuts lengthwise.

[2] They divide Chinese cabbage into leaf and stem, and limit, Japanese radish bark to 4cm in length,
We make 1.5cm in width, rectangular slice of 5cm in length.

[3] We wash velvet shank except butt end well.

[4] We cut honewort to 5cm in length, and tofu cuts one order 8 pound for pound.

[5] We soak kelp of quantity in water more than one hour and, in dried bonito, take soup stock.

[6] We put [5] broth and soy sauce, sweet sake, liquor, salt of quantity in the pan,
Firstly we put bad Japanese radish of street of fire, stem of Chinese cabbage,
We can enter in order of leaf, tofu, velvet shank, crab of Chinese cabbage next,
Finally we treat honewort.


As is pan which made use of taste of crab in; long onion, chives, strong thing of incense including Chinese chive
There can be one that we avoided deliciously.
As taste comes out of crab to use thing which we boiled when we overcook
Let's be careful.
In addition, quantity of soy sauce to use by salted deepness to go out of crab
We change.
We modify while seeing taste and can enter.
If juice is left in pan, we put rice, egg, honewort and will have Zosui and,
As profit of materials is given when we put udon and rice cake,
We can have very deliciously.

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Sea urchin hotpot

Materials (for four people)

Raw sea urchin 80 g
Daikon 5cm
Board kamaboko 1/2 book
Nameko 1 pack
Bamboo shoot 100 g
Squid One cup
enokidake One bundle
Salt seaweed 20 g
Spring onion One bundle
Honewort One bundle
Broth Kelp 20cm, dried bonito 1 cup, water 4 cup
Honewort One bundle
Soy sauce Tablespoon 1
Sweet sake Teaspoon 2
Liquor Tablespoon 1 and 1/2
Salt Teaspoon a little over one
Spice: Slicing of gangs Tang garashi chives

How to make

[1] Daikon barks and makes 1,006 (a bit big shreds) of 5cm in length.

[2] Board kamaboko does 1cm in width, rectangular slice, bamboo shoot of 5cm in length to half of the length,
Cutting board can lie down and lightly cuts lengthwise and does opening.

[3] You wash nameko and put up to colander and drain off water, and cuttlefish barks, and open the body
5cm in length is light; slice.

[4] After washing except enokidakeha butt end, and salt seaweed being able to reach water, and pulling salt, and doing
We cut to mouthful size.

[5] Wash spring onion, honewort neatly; spring onion to 3cm in length,
Honewort cuts 4 to 5cm.

[6] We keep soup stock in kelp and dried bonito of quantity in pan beforehand.

[7] [6] Put daikon in the nodashi stew; clickety-click and stew, soy sauce of quantity,
Fix taste with sweet sake, liquor, appropriate quantities of salt; bamboo shoot, enokidake, squid, nameko,
We put kamaboko, seaweed and boil lightly. Finally raw sea urchin, chives, honewort
We talk and finish.


Let's avoid hard materials of incense not to turn off incense of beach of sea urchin.
As when overcook cuttlefish, is tense, and sea urchin melts; both
We will stew quickly.
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